Hello All,

     As I end May, I wanted to give an update. About a year ago, we lost a dear friend and we worked with the widow to get her resituated. That took a toll on my time to work on this site. At the end of April, she was finally relocated and settled with two new cats none the less. She is doing well.

     At the beginnning of May, we reevaluated the site and realized a few things needed updated. This would not have happened had I been so close to this shop. So more pictures were added to EVERY item including a page on the floss colors. A few items were removed as after this long and no sales, it was time to let go. On the other side, we added 22 new shop items.

     In addition, we added every item to the Google Merchant site once we got approval and traffic has increased. We are about a third of the way done with adding ALL the pins to Pinterest. We have been approved to sell on Gumroad.com and will shift there in June.

     My wife who is heavily into oil painting, has a few items in Cannon Beach at The House of Orange. We had to drop off and attend the opening which took up a weekend. In addition she currently has more paintings in two other places as well with the usual meet-and-greet the artist times. And finally, she did a paint and sip with some realtors who will use her for color consulting in the house sale process.

     Lastly, the featured item was the most sold as of almost the close of May. Lots of people want this in their home.

     Well, goodby May and hello June!