February 2022 Update

January is already in the books, what a quick month. Here in Seattle, we had a cold and wet month. One of the issues of living here is the amount of heavy cloud cover, the Pacific Northwest gets. This cloud cover has a direct impact for an oil painting artist. Sunlight is an important factor to getting a painting right.

Last month results:

Overall sales remain steady, which included a sale from our Fine Art America (FAA) site. “Raven and Stars” looked great as a tote bag. Lemon Tree Needleworks added eight new designs. All greeting cards have been removed from our other Etsy shop and we will begin to wind down our print offerings. These both will transfer over time to our FAA site. In addition, we released our first newsletter. Combining our talents has been the juggernaut to making our business models successful.

Where are we going:

We expect a drop in February as it’s a slower month. March, we have found tends to accelerate in sales, so February is a great time to work on our shops. We will be creating business information on both Bing and Google to increase traffic, so watch for those. All our social media accounts continue to grow, and additional interactions have begun.

Finished new work:

This January was dedicated to the planning and completion of the painting Yennifer of Vengerberg, a slightly larger work. This is available: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1171139379

I chose the moment from the first season of the Netflix series Witcher, when Yennifer enters the Mage’s Ball for the first time, freshly beautiful from her miraculous magical transformation. Her dazzling appearance is the result of a Faustian bargain where she traded her fertility to a cosmetic magician for eternal youth and beauty. The abused ugly duckling became a powerful swan.

Volume 1, Issue 2 February 20th, 2022

Michael M Klink & Ann Elizabeth Scott 2

I added the full moon and sunset background to create a dreamlike effect. Her expression shows equal parts fear, defiance, wonder, and uncertainty. Yennifer is a strong, complicated character of great personal determination and I wanted to convey that in this painting. This is available as both an oil painting and cross stitch and soon on our FAA site. Fun fact: I rarely paint from a photograph without making some changes to the source material. I’m able to do that because I don’t trace, project, or collage my images. All my drawings and paintings are freehand. My studies in art school and private classical drawing classes over the years have enabled me to do this.

Till next month,

Ann Elizabeth

Where is the art heading:

We intend to create four additional paintings from The Witcher series on Netflix. The second is Gerald of Rivia and we have found the source material. These will also be available as a cross stitch design and other items available through FAA. In addition, expect some new water landscapes to be sprinkled in.


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